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J. Oliver Johnson

J. Oliver Johnson is a writer whose work has been praised by critics as both ignominious and nugatory. Examples of this work include his books Scavengers of the Southwest, Mishap or Design and The Other Side of the Circle.

His formal education includes an AA in psychology, a BS in advertising, a doctorate of divinity, and a certificate of completion from a bartending school. He is also the graduate of a top air traffic control school, but a near collision between a Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier and a Ford Explorer legally rendered that education all but useless.

His hobbies include riding his motorcycle and studying human behavior by working at various odd jobs while observing the people with whom he interacts. Some of these jobs have been video rental clerk, carnival worker, air traffic controller, corn-on-the-cob salesman, security guard, saloon manager, journalist and monkey wrangler.

He is also an advocate for the awareness of the debilitating effects of Misophonia, having long suffered from an extreme form of this condition, the symptoms of which are triggered by David Lee Roth.